Thank You Note Wording Thank You Poems

Thank You Note Wording

A thank you poem is great for thank you note wording and a really nice way of showing your appreciation.

Thank You
doesn't say it all...
...but it's a nice alternative
to overwhelming you
with so much gratitude
and appreciation
that you begin to wish
you'd never been
so darned nice!
Unknown Author

When you feel alone one day
Remember I am just a phone call away
I want the entire world to know
That I have a true friend in you
I adore you for all that you do for me
With a face so sweet and a heart so beautiful
You always reassure me when I'm doubtful
Telling me how much you adore me
And holding me tight
Being there for me even in the middle of night
Thank You dear friend, you mean a lot to me
Now I will show you,
How much you mean to me!
Unknown Author

Thank You Note Wording

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