Thank You Card Wording For A Wedding

Happy June 1st to everyone!

A little thank you card wording to add to your Wedding cards. Enjoy your beautiful day!

A loving note can barely say
All we felt that magic day
But your thoughtful gift and wishes
Will ensure it stays that way
Thank you!

Thank you for adding to the joyful spirit of our wedding
with your presence and thoughtful gift.

We sincerely appreciate
and thank you for
your very lovely wedding gift.

We are so happy you came.
It means everything to us.
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.


Top 5 Thank You Messages For Cards

Thank you messages for cards do not need to be long. It is not how much you say, it is what you say that shows appreciation and gratitude for someone you need to thank. Below I have included our top 5 one line thank you messages for cards examples that you can use in your thank you cards.

1. Thank you for your inspirational words.

2. You are appreciated for all you do!

3. Thank you for the kindness you have shown us!

4. Your smile makes my day!

5. Thank you!

When writing thank you messages for cards just remember to be yourself. Begin by writing what is in your heart and the rest will follow!

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Thank You Words To Our Veterans

Thank you words should be given out freely every single day. They are only two small words that are really not hard to say and you should not have to look far to find use for them.

The following article gives homage to our veterans beyond Memorial Day and Veteran's Day with simple thank you words.

Talk of the Town -- The meaning of "thank you" to veterans

At Mom School, a good part of the first quarter is spent on teaching our kids manners. I bet we drilled on "please" and "thank you" for two weeks.

"You're welcome" is a secondary class and not mandatory, but Moms do get bonus points if our children are ever heard using these magic words.

It shouldn't be hard for us as children we were goaded into reciting the "magic word" whenever we wanted something. We soon learned how happy our parents would be if we said "thank you." But it was hard to remember.

Sometimes it still is.

For the past 20 years, I've known that saying "thank you" words on Memorial Day and Veterans Day is not only good manners but most likely the only thing veterans and their families want to hear. But it's been hard to say.

I'd not personally known someone who had "gone to war." I had not lost a grandfather or an uncle in World War II or Vietnam. It seemed disingenuous to say thank you. It felt more like a platitude you say to the person giving you change at the gas station, not to the child who had lost a father, or a veteran you had only just met.

A few years ago, I invited Col. Walter Halloran to join me for a chat on the radio. A listener had tipped me off that Walter was about to return to the beaches of Normandy to take part in a French documentary about the 60th anniversary of D-Day.

Walt was a tough nut to crack. I called many times before I reached his sweet wife and convinced her to help coax him to the studio.

My main goal was to understand why World War II vets were so hesitant to share their stories. Hundreds of them were dying every day, and the stories were being lost. I didn't understand until I met Walt.

During our first conversation, he carefully said that the soldiers who didn't come home were the ones who should be remembered. Survivors of that war didn't tell their stories because they felt it would somehow take the focus off those who had lost their lives.

I had never thought of it that way.

In the few years since we first talked, I had gotten a sense that more and more World War II veterans were opening up about their war experiences. Indeed, Walter has opened up. He was interviewed for the documentary and then spoke on KROC with me. He was interviewed by the Post-Bulletin and by TV stations as he took part in one of the Honor Flights to Washington, D.C., last year.

I'm so proud of him when I hear him share his story. I know it is a hard thing to do, and I know that Walter and many other veterans are uncomfortable in the spotlight.

Earlier this week, Col. Halloran joined me on the Talk of the Town live blog at Postbulletin.com.

"These Honor Flight trips appear to have awakened a great sense of patriotism and respect for those who came home, married the gal of their dreams, went to work, raised a family, paid their taxes and got on with their life," Walter wrote.

I hope that more veterans and families will be able to make the trip to Washington to see their memorial and to tell their stories.

At the end of our chat together on Talk of the Town, Walter wrote, "After so many terrible days so far from home, a wonderful life continues to be beautiful, example: we had our second great-grandchild today. Life is good."

I couldn't agree more. At times, life may not be fair, or beautiful or even fun, but life is good. That ought to be reason enough to say thank you.

Two small words still do not feel big enough or deep enough for what I really mean. I will never understand all that these men and women sacrificed and endured, but I am grateful for having met men like Col. Walter Halloran.

Thank you, Walter.

On June 8, Walter will join three other WWII veterans to speak on their own personal stories from the battle for St. Lo, France. I would strongly recommend an evening spent listening to the first-person accounts of this chapter of the war.
The end.

Favorite quote from this article about thank you words:

"At times, life may not be fair, or beautiful or even fun, but life is good.
That ought to be reason enough to say thank you."

Don't forget to say thank you to someone today. And if the opportunity presents itself to say 'thank you' to our veterans of war, whether you know them or not, please do not pass it by.

Source: http://www.postbulletin.com/newsmanager/templates/localnews_story.asp?z=31&a=401808

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Graduation Thank You Notes

Graduation Thank You Notes

Graduation is huge, no doubt! You know how hard you have worked to get to this day and so does your family and friends. And in their own way will show you through love, support and maybe even a gift for your graduation day. So get your pen and paper ready to send some thank you notes!


Here are some ideas you can use...

Dear __________,

Thank you very much for the $25.00! I am going apply it to my books for the year. It was so nice to see you at my graduation celebration! The absolute best surprise I could ask for. I was not sure if you were going to make it and you did!


__________ (Your Name)


Dear Grandma & Papa,

I so appreciate both of you! You have supported me financially and emotionally through my college years and most importantly to me, your words of wisdom have carried me through my most toughest days. I wanted you to know that I am forever grateful to you both.

With love and respect,

__________ (Your Name)

Even if a gift is not given, it is always nice to thank someone for their support of you.


Dear __________,

The best thing that could have ever happened to me on graduation day was having you there!

Thank you!

__________ (Your Name)


Dear __________,

Thank you for your kind letter and for the gift certificate to __________ (fill-in-the-blank) I am sorry that you could not make it to my graduation, but I understand. I can't wait to see you when I come home from grad school for the Holidays.

See you then!

__________ (You Name)


Dear Mom & Dad,

You guys ROCK!!!! That was the best high school graduation party on the planet!

Love you guys,

__________ (Your Name)


Dear __________,

I absolutely love the book you gave me on inspirational quotes. You know how I love to collect quotes and that was such a thoughtful and meaningful gift. I have it all packed away and ready to go with me to college.

I will miss you! Let's talk soon.

__________ (Your Name)


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Thank You Sympathy Note

Sending a thank you sympathy note during a difficult time is a lovely way to let everyone who has been there for you know what their support means to you. When you think about it, how does it make you feel to know that you are truly loved and cared about when you need it most? 

Send some love in return by way of a thank you note.

 Free feel to use any of the thank you sympathy note wording to include in your cards:

My Dear __________,

Many thanks go to you and your family for being such wonderful friends. My heart sings in knowing that you have my back. I know my dad is smiling down on you.

Love you guys,

Your Name __________

Dear __________,

I've always known I can count on you. But what you have done for me and my family in these last days, well, has been amazing. Thank you for all of the food, friendship and kindness you have given.

With love,

Your Name ___________

Dear __________,

In truth, we barely know you. Your kindness tells a different story. We are grateful for your comforting and encouraging words.

Our thanks,

Your Name __________

To Our Best Friends,

You were there for us in our time of need. We are forever grateful.

Love and Friendship,

Your Name __________

Dear __________,

This has been the most difficult time for me with the passing of my beloved sister. I can not thank you enough for your help with the funeral arrangements and for hosting after the service. Could not and would not have wanted to go through this without you.

Thank you for everything~

Your Name __________

As I always say, keep it simple with a few expressions of thanks for sympathy and you will find that it is more than enough.

Here's a little quote I would like to share with you...

"What the caterpillar perceives is the end, to the butterfly is just the beginning."

A few words of heartfelt thanks goes a long way...share your kindness, gratitude and love as much as possible!

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How To Write Thank You Messages

Thank you messages are simple to write by just remembering a few basic rules. As kids we were instilled the words thank you. Now that we are older it is just a matter of conveying our gratitude in more of a personal way.

If you keep the following rules in mind you are sure to write any thank you messages with ease.

!. Send your thank you notes out within 1 weeks time. It is important to send them out soon after you have received the gift or deed.

2. Pick a stationery that reflects thoughtfulness in choice. Formal stationery is not necessary just something nice!

3. When writing your thank you messages don't forget to make a special reference to the gift and or occasion. Here is an example:

Thank you for such a lovely Picture Frame. It hangs perfectly above the fireplace. We look forward to having you over for dinner again. Your thoughtfulness is truly appreciated!

Once you get started it is really easy! If you need more examples on writing thank you messages please feel free to explore our site.

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Best Thank You Sayings for Graduation

Thank you sayings should reflect your appreciation. It is nice if your graduation cards include a personal message letting them know just how much their presence and support has meant to you. Below you will find thank you sayings that you can use or get inspired by!

Thank you for attending
my recent graduation.

Your attendance and your beautiful
graduation gift were both wonderful.

Your generosity and thoughtfulness
will always be appreciated.

Words can never tell you
what your congratulations and
generous gift has meant to me
for my graduation!

In appreciation of
your special gift.

Thank you for recognizing
my achievement.

Don't forget to send your thank you cards out within 2 weeks of receiving your gifts!

Congratulations to you!

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Free Baby Thank You Cards

Free baby thank you cards in our current economy is a welcome thought. There are so many adorable free cards online that can be sent via email and even by way of blogging. The designs are are clever and creative. Some sites allow you to create your very own. You can add photos of your baby too. Designing free baby thank you cards adds a more personal touch to any thank you cards you send.

If creating from scratch sounds like an interesting idea, don't forget to choose a sentiment that directly relates to their act of kindness and for the gift itself. For example:

Dear Aunt Marjorie,

Thank you so much helping us welcome Baby Denise into the world. We just love the new personalized car seat. It will certainly come in handy before we know it! Thank you again for thinking of us. We hope you meet Baby Denise in person very soon.

Kathy & Brian

Our site has many sources for choosing just the right cards. The ideas for creating free baby thank you cards are limitless. Only imagination required!

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Best Thank You Free e Cards

Some of the best thank you free e cards can be created over at Smilebox. They offer a variety of designs to choose from. If you are the creative type and want to design something special in thanking someone, just download Smilebox and you are ready to go.

If you are a Bride, Graduate, Father, Birthday Girl or Boy and need to send a thank you free e cards, check out Smilebox. You are sure to find what you are looking for!

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Baby Shower Thank You Note Wording

Baby Shower Thank You Note Wording Samples

I bet you got some amazing and thoughtful baby shower gifts! It's a great feeling to know that others share in your joy.

Now that the dust has settled a bit from such a fun-filled day, why not return the love with a handwritten thank you note. Get your thank yous out soon after the baby shower. That will be one less thing you will have to worry about. When you compose your thank you notes, keep in mind the following tips:

Always make specific reference to the gift received.

Make sure your baby shower thank you note wording is sincere and comes from the heart. In other words, be true with your wording, and be brief.

I've included a few thank you note wording ideas below to get you started:

To My Three Best Friends,

The party was a-m-a-z-i-n-g! Yes, you out did yourselves. I could not stop looking at the decorations. From the handmade baby banner, to the very funny party hat you made for me. Let's not forget that oh so cute baby cake...absolutely loved it! You made me feel so special. Thank you for everything.

Love you all,


Dear Samantha:

I just love the baby bunting and receiving blanket you gave me at the shower. You were so thoughtful
to remember this is what I was wanting for my baby girl. I know she will look adorable in them. I really look forward to spending time with you before little Cara arrives.

Melissa Jane


Dear Auntie Bridget:

Thank you for the gift certificate to Target. I have had my eye on a few baby things for the last nine months. Can't wait!

Thank you for being so extra sweet and loving during my pregancy.

Hugs and kisses,


Dear Alfreda and John,

We just adore the personalized three piece layette set. It is so cute and cuddley. It will be great to have when the baby and I come home from the hospital.

Thank you!!

Luann and Brette


Browse for more baby shower wording:

Thank You Baby Note Wording

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Thank You In German | Top 10

Did you know that you can say thank you in German 10 different ways? You may have heard the word 'Danke' to express a simple thank you. Now you can add more heartfelt styles of saying thank you in German to your thank you notes!

Here are 10 ways of expressing sincere gratitude:

1) Danke! = (DAHNK-uh) Thanks! Thank you.

2) Danke schön!* (DAHNK-uh shoon) Thank you! Hear it!

3) Haben Sie vielen Dank! (HAH-ben zee FEEL-en DAHNK) Many thanks!

4) Recht schönen Dank! (RECHT shoon-en DAHNK) Many thanks!

5) Tausend Dank! (TAU-zent DAHNK) A thousand thanks! Thanks very much!

6) Mit tiefer Dankbarkeit! (MITT TEEF-er DAHNK-bar-kite) With deep gratitude!

7) Ich danke Ihnen/dir! (eech DAHNK-uh EEH-nun / DEAR) I thank you!

8) Vielen Dank!** (FEEL-en DAHNK) Many thanks! Hear it!

9) Danke vielmals! (DAHNK-uh FEEL-malls) Many thanks!

10) Ich bin (Ihnen/dir) sehr dankbar für... (eek bin DAHNK-bar fe-ur) I'm very grateful (to you) for...

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Free Thank You Card | Make Your Own

Use the image above and create your very own free thank you card. Yes it is free for personal use! Size is approximately 4" x 4". Right click on the image and hit "Save Image As", name it and you are done. You can print it out and get creative or you can upload your free thank you card and send it in an email too!

Let someone know just how special they really are.

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