Thank You Gifts - You don't need to spend a lot!

Are you in need of thanking someone?

Thank you gifts are a token of appreciation and can be given in many different ways. It's not essential that you break the bank (but you can if you want to!) in finding something special to give from the heart. 

We've got a few ideas that just might help...

  • A beautiful basket of fruit and or veggies from your local Famers Market. This is a perfect gift for anyone who loves fresh grown (organic) produce.

  • Cupcakes are so popular and who in their right mind does not love a cupcake? The toppings are so adorable and with the cupcake liners makes it a gift ready to be given. A quick search online will give you many retailers who will more than likely deliver if you need it. A dozen of those yummy mini cakes are an excellent way of saying "Thank you so very much!".

  • Small container plants also make for nice thank you gifts, especially if the person you are thanking has a love for gardens. Succulents are a great idea and some are flowering. They require little water for easy maintenence.

  • An verbal or handwritten invitation to a morning cup of coffee or chai tea at their favorite cafe. Finding time for another is a lovely and thoughtful gift.

  • If you are thanking a single parent, an offer to babysit would mean the world to them. You can bet they would absolutely appreciate some "me" time.


As you can see from the examples, it doesn't take a lot to say thanks, nor does it have to match the deed. But however you feel about it, thanking someone is always a good thing to do. We hope that the above ideas will give you the inspiration you need to find the perfect thank you gifts.

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