Baby Thank You Shower Note

It is always a nice idea to send a baby thank you shower note after the party is over. Your thoughtfulness in thanking those who helped to plan it and everyone who gave gifts will go a long way.

By sending a thank you card lets them know just what it meant to you in receiving their act of kindness. Though it may take a little more effort, a handwritten thank you note is a gift in itself. The best thing you can do is send a baby thank you shower note right away. That way it is still on your mind so you will not forget. Everyone who receives it will appreciate receiving your message of thanks!

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Write A Quick Thank Note

You need to write a quick thank note, but you absolutely dread writing. It is no fun when you cannot think of the right thing to say. Or maybe you know what you want to write, but it is not translating on paper.

Your heart is in the right place, you just need a little help. Remember, writing a note of thanks does not need to be a long one. A few words is all it takes. If you are still not sure of what you want to say, add a poem and you are finished!

To help you along, I have included a thank note poem and a few other words for you to use for your personal writings. Enjoy!

I thank you for the things you do.
and for what you mean to me.
Thank you for being just you.

We hope you know just how much you are appreciated and loved by each and every one of us.
Thank you for the joy you bring!


Just wanted to say thanks so much.
What you do does not go unnoticed or unappreciated.


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Thank You Note Examples For You To Use

Sometimes its nice to have thank you note examples to use at your disposal. You never know when you may need to send someone a thank you card in a hurry. Feel free to use any of the following thank you note examples for your personal use.

Dear Aunt Marjorie,

The Holidays just would not be the same without your delicious homemade fudge. It was extremely sweet and sneaky of you to include the $50.00! You have no idea just how much we really could use the money at this moment.

Thank you!

Love & a big hug!
Karen & Michael

Dear Melinda,

We missed not having you around. The care package you sent finally arrived. Thank you. The kids absolutely adore the games you sent. I love my scarf. It is perfect for this cold and snowy weather. We can hardly wait to see you this summer. Don't forget to bring your bathing suit!

Love you!
Jane, Jack & Susie

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Special Words For Thank You Notes

If you need special words for thank you notes, you have come to the right place! As the season is winding down no need to worry about what you should say when writing a message of thanks.

Once you get going it is really easy and what may began as a chore will turn into enjoyment. There are no right or wrong words. Just say what is in your heart. You can write something like:

  • Thank you, your kindness is never ending.
  • The friendship between us means so much. Thank you my dear friend.
  • Thank you for the thoughtful deeds you have done for us during the year.
  • What a wonderful unexpected gift.Thanks so much!
  • Babysitting at the last minute saved us during the Holidays. Thank you again.
I hope these words for thank you notes will help you begin handwriting or emailing someone who deserves a heartfelt thank you!

You can use these examples for your own personal use.
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Sending A Thank You Saying During The Holidays

If you are trying to think of a last minute gift during the Holidays, why not send a thank you saying in a Holiday card. It may not seem like a lot, but remember that thanking someone for their love, support, encouragement or whatever, is what it's all about!

It is not how much you say or what you say, just that they are in your thoughts. If finances are not where you would like them to be at the moment or you have spent all of your Holiday shopping money, sending a thank you saying Holiday card might be the best gift you could give to another.

If you are not sure what you want to say just write a very big Thank You! in writing and send it on its way. You can do the very same thing in an email. Now that is the best thank you saying of all!

Happiest of Holidays to everyone and enjoy!
Thank You Note Wording ~ The Blog