Opportunities For Thank You Words

Who's important enough in your life that you would like to say Thank You to? Just saying those simple Thank You words can mean so much.

Get your thinking cap on, and make a list of all the people who contribute to your life daily, and to the lives of those you hold dear. Wouldn't it be grand if you took time out of your day to thank them?

Just to say thank you for being my friend, thank you for being a caring son, thank you for being a helpful spouse or being the most wonderful neighbor a person could know. Wouldn't those thank you words bring hope and energy to their lives and to yours, as well? It doesn't require a gift for something they've done for you, but just a thank you is more than enough.

If you think about it, your life is filled with people that you can thank. You can begin your day with a commitment to thank at least one or two (or more) people everyday for something! The payoff will be great! If you start living a life of gratitude, you will be well rewarded in kind - you'll see!

What about the mailman or the grocery clerk? You can say thank you for being so helpful in getting the mail to you everyday, and to the grocery clerk for helping you to the car with your bags of groceries.

Look around - the opportunities to use thank you words are endless! Saying thank you is easy, and doesn't require much. It is truly one of life's small details that can give extra meaning to your day and to the day of others.

Keep the promise to yourself and spread the spirit of thanks throughout the year, and beyond. Remember, saying thanks is a sincere feeling of appreciation and not a bribe or a way to gain friends. It's a heartfelt way to express your feelings to a another person who is truly deserving.

See how many people you can use those thank you words on. Increase your thank yous daily - and most importantly...thank yourself, too!

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