Send a Short Poem To Say Thank You

Why not send a short poem to say thank you? The time you spend in finding just the right poem will absolutely convey a special meaning of thanks. If you are sending thank you wording to a very special loved one you can use any of the following love poems to send.

Love's Calendar

The summer comes and the Summer goes;
Wild-flowers are fringing the dusty lanes,
The swallows go darting through fragrant rains,
Then, all of a sudden - it snows.

Dear Heart, our lives so happily flow,
So lightly we heed the flying hours,
We only know Winter is gone - by the flowers,
We only know Winter is come - by the snow.

Thomas Bailey Aldrich

"This Heart Is Not"

This heart is not
a summer field,
and yet...
how dense love's foliage
has grown.

Izumi Shikibu

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