Happy Grandparents Day! - Thank You Poems!

Happy Grandparents Day to our loved ones in life and in spirit.
Below you will find 3 thank you poems dedicated to all beloved Grandparents!


I love the way you take me places when I'm there
I love how you always have treats for us to share
I love how you care about us so much
I love how you have the special grandma touch
I love the way you're always having fun
I love how you love me and that'll never be done
I love how you always know what to do
I love the way you play with me too
I love how you take me out for lunch
I love how you always have candy for us to munch
I love the way we have all those memories
I love the way we always stick together in emergencies
I love how you'll always be there
I love how you'll always be in my thoughts and prayers!!

~ Rachael Louise Smith


Grandparents touch a special place
Where fondness remains true
Filling our precious lives with grace
To last a lifetime through
Their strong hands are soft and tender
Nurturing is their creed
And their hearts are meant to render
More love than one could need.

Grandparents take the time to hear
The dreams their loved ones share
They laugh and sometimes, wipe a tear
To show how much they care
Their empathy is made to last
Under God’s sacred plan
No length could be too small or vast
For their kindness to span.

Grandparents form a special bond
No one can ever break
Their adoration lasts beyond
The earthen steps we take
A breath of hope; a staunch ally
Indeed, our lives are blessed
There is no way one could deny
Grandparents are the best!
~ Unknown Author


Take in a breath
nostrils fill with the aroma of Folgers.
Coffee brews in the kitchen
snowflakes float gently down outside the window.

I think back to a another time
another kitchen
snowflakes falling outside another window.
Grandpa spills another teaspoon of sugar into his coffee.
Trying to teach my brother and I how to drink it
no less than five teaspoons.
Since Grandpa passed away, my brother drinks it every morning.

Stepping outside, the December air nips at my ears.
I pull out of the driveway embraced by a familiar scene
Grandpa’s woods in the winter.
Snow on the street muffles noise
the trees whisper secrets as I pass.

I continue my drive
through a tunnel of ice and snow on the trees.
Woven by time
like the man
not to be forgotten.
~ Author Unknown

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