Writing Thank You Note To Boss Example

If you are dodging the idea of writing thank you note to boss, you do not have to if you keep it short and to the point. Here is a list to help you write your own note of thanks or you can just copy the one I have written below for your personal use!

5 Points to keep in mind:

1. You can use their first name and open with a greeting. Be genuine.

2. Tell your boss thank you and why you are thanking him or her.

3. Explain how and or why your boss has helped you.

4. Thank your boss once more.

5. Finish your thank you note with your signature and your done!

Here is an example:

Dear __________,

Let me say "Thank You" for taking a chance on me and for your never ending support and encouragement.
I enjoy working in such a positive environment where I am able to learn and apply what I have learned every work day.

Thank you again, I truly appreciate it!


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