Thank You Sample

Here is a thank you sample to start the New Year.

Dear __________,

Your are my best friend. The only one I have ever had. I love you very much. It is important that you know you mean the moon and beyond to me. I would not trade all of the happiest and sadest moments for anything. Every conversation we have ever had over the years stay with me. Especially the nights we stayed up late talking endlessly and laughed til we cried.

YOU are the true meaning of friendship.
I love you.

__________(your name)

If you need to send a thank you to someone in a hurry, email it! It's not what you send, it's that you did!

You can use this thank you sample for your personal use.

Enjoy and here's to the start of a fantastic new year for everyone!

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Thank You Sample

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Sample Appreciation Thank you Letter said...

I was looking for one of these cards and the site you have shared was a great help! thanks a lot..the sample is too worth!