Creative Ideas for Personalizing a Thank You Card

Sending a thank you card is more than good etiquette. It is good business and good personal relations. The thank you note is still the mark of a thoughtful person, and is one of the best ways to stand out from the crowd in business and in your personal life. Dropping a thank you card in the mail tells the recipient that you truly were appreciative of their time or their gift.

Unfortunately, many of us are "too busy" to remember that someone as does something nice for us. Getting a thank you card means a trip to the store, or finding appropriate paper to write a thank you note. One way to get past the excuses and get those thank you cards out there is to order a supply of personalized thank you cards and keep them on hand for those occasions that call for acknowledgement. You just may find yourself sending out thank you cards for occasions you might have never considered before. Hopefully you realize that it's not too hard and it is the right thing to do.

Personalized thank you cards can do more than say thank you. You can express your personality along with your thanks if you choose the right kind of personalization. When choosing personalized thank you cards, there are a few things you should keep in mind. Are they going out for a special occasion? Weddings, showers, birthdays and other special occasions call for a note of appreciation to those who gave you gifts. Let the occasion dictate the style of the thank you cards.

If you've ordered or are ordering wedding invitations, for instance, you might consider ordering Thank You cards to match your wedding invitations.
Say thank you to your guests with a photo card. Choose a photo taken at the event, your wedding photo or the first dance of the husband and wife could be another option. A simple, understated card design like the Between the Lines Photo

Thank You Cards lets your photo take front and center, as well as letting you choose a card color that works well with the photo you choose. Write a quick personal note on the card, tuck it into a personalized envelope, and you're finished, it's as simple as that.
Holidays call for an abundance of thank you notes. Choosing a holiday themed note card or correspondence card makes it easy to acknowledge those who help make your holidays special.

For those quick notes to say, "I really enjoyed your party, thanks for inviting me!" and "It was great to see you , thanks for dropping by!" choose a card that makes it easy to say thank you. A set of personalized Happy Holidays postcards make great personalized thank you cards. They're already filled out with your name and address, and the bright, holiday themed design is sure to bring a smile.

Make it easy and fun for your kids to send thank you notes for their gifts. Getting kids to send thank you notes is harder than getting them to the dentist. Make it fun and easy for them to say thank you by buying them personalized kid-friendly thank you notes, like the Big Thanks thank you notes. Keep your camera handy while they're opening presents so that you can snap their smiles as they pull out each gift. When it's time to send thank you notes, pull out the cards and the photos and let them tuck in a photograph of them with the gift, write a quick "I loved it! Thanks, Uncle John!" and send it off.

Businesses should also say thank you.
Thank your customers and colleagues with personalized thank you cards designed especially for your business. Order stylish thank you cards with your company name printed on them and keep them on hand to send out with a big sale or referral. Bordered Business Thank You Cards are a classic choice for a small business. Thank You is printed in the top right corner, with your company name printed vertically along the left side. Add the names of your employees printed horizontally alongside your business name, and still have plenty of room on the correspondence card to jot a personal note.

Reusable Thank You cards Pick up on one of the newest trends with Civilettes Thank You cards. The clever thank you card is simply printed with "Thank You" on one side and "Please Reuse" on the reverse. They tuck into a handy portable box so that you can make a point of acknowledging and thanking those you see in the course of your daily life. Do your part in making the world a happier place.

By handing out a Civilettes Thank You card to the bank teller or the secretary who is always so pleasant, you are making them feel as if they made your life less stressful. You're guaranteed a smile and the possibility that your thank you gets passed along to many others. About the Author Suzanne Bradley is a freelance writer who writes about personal organization and goal setting, often discussing a specific aspect of organization such as stationery. Source: http://www.goarticles.com/cgi-bin/showa.cgi?C=1404391

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