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Did you know that you can say thank you in German 10 different ways? You may have heard the word 'Danke' to express a simple thank you. Now you can add more heartfelt styles of saying thank you in German to your thank you notes!

Here are 10 ways of expressing sincere gratitude:

1) Danke! = (DAHNK-uh) Thanks! Thank you.

2) Danke schön!* (DAHNK-uh shoon) Thank you! Hear it!

3) Haben Sie vielen Dank! (HAH-ben zee FEEL-en DAHNK) Many thanks!

4) Recht schönen Dank! (RECHT shoon-en DAHNK) Many thanks!

5) Tausend Dank! (TAU-zent DAHNK) A thousand thanks! Thanks very much!

6) Mit tiefer Dankbarkeit! (MITT TEEF-er DAHNK-bar-kite) With deep gratitude!

7) Ich danke Ihnen/dir! (eech DAHNK-uh EEH-nun / DEAR) I thank you!

8) Vielen Dank!** (FEEL-en DAHNK) Many thanks! Hear it!

9) Danke vielmals! (DAHNK-uh FEEL-malls) Many thanks!

10) Ich bin (Ihnen/dir) sehr dankbar für... (eek bin DAHNK-bar fe-ur) I'm very grateful (to you) for...

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