Thank You Note Examples For You To Use

Sometimes its nice to have thank you note examples to use at your disposal. You never know when you may need to send someone a thank you card in a hurry. Feel free to use any of the following thank you note examples for your personal use.

Dear Aunt Marjorie,

The Holidays just would not be the same without your delicious homemade fudge. It was extremely sweet and sneaky of you to include the $50.00! You have no idea just how much we really could use the money at this moment.

Thank you!

Love & a big hug!
Karen & Michael

Dear Melinda,

We missed not having you around. The care package you sent finally arrived. Thank you. The kids absolutely adore the games you sent. I love my scarf. It is perfect for this cold and snowy weather. We can hardly wait to see you this summer. Don't forget to bring your bathing suit!

Love you!
Jane, Jack & Susie

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Laura said...

Hi! Looking for some creative ways to word post-holiday thank you's! Thanks for this information. You're right, I think the important thing is that these need to be true feelings that come from the heart. Sometimes it's just hard to get started! Your "Examples to Use" help. Thanks for the tips!