Write A Quick Thank Note

You need to write a quick thank note, but you absolutely dread writing. It is no fun when you cannot think of the right thing to say. Or maybe you know what you want to write, but it is not translating on paper.

Your heart is in the right place, you just need a little help. Remember, writing a note of thanks does not need to be a long one. A few words is all it takes. If you are still not sure of what you want to say, add a poem and you are finished!

To help you along, I have included a thank note poem and a few other words for you to use for your personal writings. Enjoy!

I thank you for the things you do.
and for what you mean to me.
Thank you for being just you.

We hope you know just how much you are appreciated and loved by each and every one of us.
Thank you for the joy you bring!


Just wanted to say thanks so much.
What you do does not go unnoticed or unappreciated.


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